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Wallfame is an online photo printing startup based in Singapore. The goal was to create a simple platform where users could easily upload their photos and get them printed and delivered to their doorstep.

We jumped in when it was just an idea. There was a logo and a domain, the product had just been ordered in bulk from the supplier and the development team was starting to get the first feel of the project.


Our contributions

We were responsible for building and designing the entire brand including Product, Packaging, UX/UI, Social Media and all the digital assets for marketing.

Managed a small team of developers, worked closely with product production, logistics and paid traffic.

Created all the user flows from web app to marketing funnels. Even took a deep dive on the supply chain and had a major role on the pricing strategy.


From ground zero.
Creating a concept.

We look up to the sky when we’re remembering happy memories. Blue is always a joyful color. Blue is sky, is memories, is future. Wallfame is family, is travel, is memories. Blue is the link that combines all those concepts together.

Simple moments, happy memories.


Creating, testing and improving.

We were responsible for the creation of the brand guidelines as well as designing the whole platform. This allowed us and the rest of the team to follow rules that were later applied in every asset of the company.

With this in mind, we started developing the first version of the website and sending some traffic to get insights on the platform.

Based on heat maps and customer feedback we quickly understood what was working on the frontend and what was not working so we focused on developing new flows to increase the conversion rate.


Photo Upload Flow.

Our goal was to beat the competition on simplicity and focusing on a simple system for uploading photos.

The other players in the Asian Market had a very complex way of presenting this feature to the user.

This section was key for us to make a difference in the market.


Funnel Overview.

Because of our e-commerce and marketing experience, and because the team was still small, we were responsible for building multiple types of funnels.

With this in mind, together with the team we built a system that effectively brings traffic to the Landing Pages and subsequently retargets users in different channels, depending on where they leave the flow.

We managed the creation of the Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and Tik Tok Ads campaigns as well as the retargeting flows on Klavyio.

We provided weekly insights to the rest of the team on the current status and what to improve.


User Experience.

Delivering a high quality product experience was part of our goal. We were responsible for designing and managing the production of the packaging boxes.

Because each order comes with a diffrent amount of frames, we had to take in consideration the price of shipping per Kg.

This is the reason we created a box that can accommodate a maximum of 8 frames which is equal to 0.9Kg.

At the same time we had to figure out a way for the customer to take out the frames without having to turn the box over. We created a “Puller Tray” that allowed the customer to easily remove the frames from the box.


Every detail counts.

What keeps Wallfame apart from competition was our hability to create a High Perceived Value Product. By adding small aditional details we created a cool experience from ordering to delivery. From the product itself, to the packaging we created an experience that kept the customer engaged.

Every frame had a different inspirational quote
on the back, always related to our concept, with a total of 12 different quotes. The Frames are re-stickable so no need to put nails on the wall. This is one of the Unique Selling Points. The box had no logo on the outside to give a sense of surprise upon delivery. The only thing was the message “Happy Memories Inside”.


Creating Content.

We were responsible for the creation of all the content for the brand.

Managed production teams as well as logistics to setup video and photo shoots for the brand.

We literally learned and executed every step on the process in this project. Can proudly say that we went all in.