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The Lion Chain.

Creating and scaling a brand in house.


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The Lion Chain


” Since I was a kid, I wanted really bad to create my own clothing brand and in 2017 that dream became a reality when I started The Lion Chain.

I used a business model where I didn’t have to put a lot of cash upfront called dropshipping. The product went straight from the Manufacturer to the Customer.

This allowed me to put my efforts in creating a cool brand, an effective online store and managing successfully the advertising campaigns. “ – Vasco, CEO

the lion chain

Our contributions

“As the founder I started working mostly alone doing everything from design to operations.

From designing the website to contacting suppliers, you name it, I did everything.

When the business started scalling I hired virtual assitants to take care of order processing and customer service. This allowed me to focus on what I was good: creating digital and physical products.” – Vasco


Creating a Brand. Selling a Lifestyle.

“Since my background is in design I was able to stand out from the competition by creating a website and ads that were very relatable to the customers.

Because of the initial success of the store and because it was built on Shopify, I was interviewed by one of the biggest companies in the ecommerce space: Oberlo (a product integration and managing tool owned by Shopify) and got featured in their success stories.” – Vasco

the lion chain

Running a Business. Creating and managing.

Main tasks:

Creating the Brand and designing the Website.

Creating the designs for clothing pieces.

Creating the Facebook Ads Campaigns including all the content (images and videos)

Setting up influencer marketing campaigns

Setting up email and SMS sequences to retarget website visitors, abandoned carts and previous customers.

Setting up a team for order management and customer support.

The Lion Chain

Adjusting the flow. Focus on the customer.

“Only by running multiple ad campaigns I was able to understand what the customer really wanted. Because of this I started adjusting the current products and adding new ones.” – Vasco